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RIO Company Team

Mr. Robert Tamkin, President

Mr. Robert Tamkin is the Founder and President of the RIO Company. Mr. Tamkin is a real estate investment professional that brings strategic planning, financial experience and leadership to the management team.

Mr. Tamkin formed the RIO Company in 1987 after recognizing that entrepreneurial management is the most effective way to optimize the profitability of a real estate asset. Mr. Tamkin was introduced to the real estate industry at an early age as a result of growing up in a family of apartment investors known as Moss & Company. Moss & Company is a leading Southern California management company that currently operates over 10,000+ units in the Los Angeles area alone. Mr. Tamkin humbly started his career by sweeping car-ports and cleaning out vacant units at the age of 12. From there he worked as a property manager, leasing agent, bookkeeper, regional supervisor and finally apartment owner by the age of 26. “The key to creating value in real estate investments is by increasing your Net Operating Income. Being spoon-fed the property management side of the real estate business at a young age gave me invaluable vision to quickly recognize opportunities and exploit inefficient property operations on a multitude of levels.” Having a solid investment plan at acquisition is a key factor in RIO investments. We are not passive Sponsors/Owners looking to get lucky in up-markets by simply buying right, though that never hurts! We work our properties hard to increase our NOI, but it’s done strategically, with compassion and without compromising the quality of lifestyle for our much valued vendors and tenancy. Throughout Mr. Tamkin’s successful career using these principles in real estate, he has acquired some 3,000+- apartment units in various partnerships and has ownership interests in other asset types such as a hotel, a few commercial office buildings and some storage facilities. Though Mr. Tamkin has extensive experience in other real estate asset types, his primary focus has always been in apartments as it is the least volatile sector of the industry. It is Mr. Tamkin’s belief that this is due to the higher demand for residential rentals as compared to available and affordable units in geographically restricted areas. “Having our finger on the pulse of the rental market allows us to make sound short-term investment assumptions that can be successfully executed with a well-structured and strategic property management plan.”

Mr. Tamkin has over 30 years of experience in real estate investment, ownership and management throughout Southern California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington and Nevada totaling transactions of approximately $600 million. The majority of RIO’s acquisitions have generated annual net returns in excess of 15% per year with many reaching returns in excess of 30% per year.

Mr. Tamkin was born and raised in Southern California where he currently resides with his high school sweetheart and wife of 33 years.

Mr. Ubteen Mozaffari, Director of Acquisitions

Mr. Mozaffari is Director of Acquisitions at the RIO Company. As Director of Acquisitions, Mr. Mozaffari has directly overseen over $150 million in transactions with RIO’s portfolio. His career began with RIO after graduating from the University of Southern California in 2006. Since then, he has been actively involved in the acquisitions and dispositions of over $250 million of real estate throughout the Western United States.

Mr. Mozaffari received a B.S. from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. He is a California native and grew up in the South Bay.